Sioux City Sprinkler

Owners Brad and Tori Jackson take pride in service and care


    (SB) – A successful business always, always, provides superior customer service. No matter what the business is, whether a grocery store, barber shop, restaurant, auto body shop, pharmacy, dental clinic, bar, coffee shop, or any of hundreds of venues that depend on customers for their livelihoods, customer service is the number one pathway to business success.
   That’s Sioux City Sprinkler (SCS). It’s served the Siouxland area since 1977. Since 2006, owners Brad and Tori Jackson, provide an indispensable line of services including free estimates new irrigation system design, spring start-ups, winterization, sprinkler repairs and services, system updates and upgrades, drip irrigation system, wireless sensors, service all brands of sprinkler systems, retrofit older sprinkler systems, decorative concrete curbing, and yearly service program. They do this inclusive of both commercial and residential properties.
   Busy, busy, busy, but their heavy schedule doesn’t interfere with their friendly, personal, hometown touch. After all, they’re Iowans.
   As business and homeowners know, seasonal planning is important. There’s reparation for the fall, then winter, and then the upcoming spring and summer. “We are weather driven,” Tori said, “and nowhere else is that true than in our business.”
   At Sioux City Sprinkler, located in Sergeant Bluff, the family-owned company has a long list of contracted customers. Customers can sign up for service agreements or can opt for our automatic scheduling list, the latter of which are seen to two or three times a year. They are all automatically signed on for spring turn-on; they’re scheduled for their mid-season checkup, and they’re scheduled for winterization servicing. 
   During the month of March each year is when Tori begins their Spring Turn On scheduling list that revolves around customer visits. That takes care of those with service agreements. What about others seeking assistance?
   Tori says they’re not left out in the dark. “We always make the time to reach out to those people who call us for sprinkler help,” she said. On the other hand, to facilitate customers in the future, Sioux City Sprinkler encourages people to call in advance of the spring and summer seasons.
   The range of customer lawns includes just about every commercial or residential property. Sioux City Sprinkler services  many area businesses to include McDonald’s, Sioux Valley Community Credit Union, Coca-Cola Company along Hwy. 75, Pioneer Bank, nursing homes, and many other commercial sites – along with an extensive list of area homes. 
   Tori offered insight into what goes into lawn care sprinkler systems.
   “With everyone’s busy schedules today, the need for built in automatic accessibility is the name of the game for everyone. I know as a homeowner, I appreciate and depend upon the automatic system we’ve installed. I like setting my controller to automatically schedule my system to turn on. It takes out the guess work that comes with the need to water my lawn.”  She explained that automatic settings can be arranged in any number of ways during a week to turn on at certain times on selected days or nights.
   In the spring, Tori said, Sioux City Sprinkler has a checklist that includes inspection for freeze damage, turning on water, pressurizing backflow and valve manifold, check for leaks, adjust and evaluate all zones and sprinkler heads, set controller for proper days and start time, replace back-battery for controller if needed, run system to check irrigation coverage, clear grass around sprinkler heads, and test rain-sensor.
   There’s more…
It’s a whole new world for lawn care, and changes in care, knowledge, and equipment are constant. For example, she said, “We have smart connect controllers today that allow you to operate your sprinkler system from your phone. Every phone is a smart phone today, so now we have a smart irrigation system. It’s amazing.”
   Tori said that she and Brad are proud of their service record and customer relationships. “We’ve built our relationships on trust. We strive to be the best sprinkler contractor, someone people we serve can depend on, feel comfortable with, and rely on to provide the best sprinkler system service anywhere. I know how important that is because I’m a consumer too.” 
   So, if you’re already a customer, you know all this. If you aren’t a customer yet, you don’t know what you’re missing. Give Tori a call.
Sioux City Sprinkler is located at 617 1st Street in Sergeant Bluff and may be reached by calling 712-943-5292. Hours of operation are Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Saturdays and evenings by appointment, and closed on Sundays.