Attorney General Bird Announces Lawsuit to Hit the Brakes on California’s Green Fleet Fantasy


(SBA) - DES MOINES—Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird sues California to hit the brakes on its green fleet fantasy and stand up for Iowa truckers. The 17-state lawsuit challenges California’s mandate that forces truck fleets, even those based outside of California, to be all-electric by 2042. The lawsuit was announced at a press conference in Ankeny, where she was joined by Scott Szymanek, chairman for the Iowa Motor Truck Association, and Dale Decker, CEO of Decker Truck Line.

With its new mandate, California will force its woke green agenda onto the entire nation. Iowa trucking companies with 50 trucks will be forced to make their fleets 100% electric if even one vehicle hauls through California. The mandate forces trucking companies to switch to electric semis that are almost impossible to find. The crippling costs may force some Iowa trucking companies to close shop and kill jobs. Banning normal trucks will also raise prices and crash the supply chain due to increased shipping and charging times, a lack of infrastructure, and insufficient power grids.

California’s green fleet fantasy comes as part of Biden’s larger war on gas and diesel vehicles. Iowa also joined a lawsuit to push back against Biden’s radical tailpipe-emissions mandate that forces manufacturers to sell electric trucks over normal trucks. And Iowa led a lawsuit last year to challenge California’s truck ban.

“I'm suing California to stand up for Iowa truckers,” said Attorney General Bird. “One out of 13 Iowans works in trucking. And unlike California, we support our truckers. I am suing to hit the brakes on California's unrealistic electric-semi mandate that will kill jobs, crush our supply chain, hurt farmers, and wipe out the American trucking industry as we know it. California does not get to tell Iowa truckers what to do.”

California’s green fleet fantasy violates the Clean Air Act, Federal Aviation Administration Authorization Act of 1994, and U.S. Constitution.

Iowa joined the Nebraska-led lawsuit, along with Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Montana, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Utah, West Virginia, Wyoming, and the Arizona State Legislature and Nebraska Trucking Association.