Spotlight On Business

Sergeant Bluff’s Floyd Senior Living

A shining beacon for assisted living


     (SB) – Everything about Floyd Senior Living tells you that you’re at home. Quiet, warm sunlight, well-appointed tables for breakfasts (8 a.m.), lunches (Noon), and suppers (5 p.m.) spotlessly clean and cared for rooms and hallways, comfortably lighted throughout, and an overall homelike atmosphere that’s easy, charming, and welcoming.
     Arriving in Sergeant Bluff in 2001, one of the builders of the beautiful facility was former SB Utilities Director, Mark Huntley. Mark’s mother currently resides at Floyd Senior Living.
     Today, with an accompaniment of 15-17 care providers, Floyd House has grown in its uniqueness thanks to the longevity of many of its staff including the Director of Nursing, Paige Rassel, and Head Chef Susan Kay Clayton, and Assistant Chef Joe Risdal.
     Under the auspices of Brandon Beuzekom, Sales and Marketing Coordinator, and Administrator Jason Waterson, it’s no accident that Floyd Senior Living stands as a premier assisted living program.
     An integrated assisted living community with care levels available to provide multiple specialty arrangements inclusive of mobility needs, memory care, showering, medication, assistance, in fact, everything aside from intravenous care.
     Floyd Senior Living is home to independent seniors with accessibility to local shopping, restaurants and outdoor activities in Sergeant Bluff, as well as easy access to hospitals, physicians and rehabilitation centers nearby.

     Residents are encouraged to personalize and decorate their suites with their favorite furnishings from home. Residents enjoy independence while also receive help with daily living activities.
     Home means living room, bathrooms and activities areas. Meals include breakfasts, lunches and suppers, an onsite beautician, onsite activities, and onsite devotional services.
     Because the size of the facility and its number of residents at large, Floyd Senior Living is able to afford more individual care and attention to each resident. Again, the latter is what makes the Sergeant Bluff care facility unique and popular.
     “Many people have expressed the feeling that Floyd Senior Living is very homey,” Beuzekom said.      “That’s precisely our objective here… to be a home with all the feelings of home.” Floyd Senior Living contains 40 apartments. “Seniors coming here aren’t looking for something complicated; here, residents take 30-40 steps down the hallway and they’re where they want to be. We’re small by design and our residents like it that way.”
     Floyd Senior Living enjoys a sterling reputation within the community and the care facility makes it a point to engage in community activities throughout the year. Likewise, Floyd House opens its doors to holiday presentations during Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, the Fourth of July, and other special occasions.
     At Floyd Senior Living, residents represent a wide array of people. Beuzekom visits hospitals one to two times a week. He works closely with the care coordinators at those institutions. During those visits, Beuzekom is apprised of persons deemed appropriate for possible introduction to residence at Floyd Senior Living. He also works with families that have members who plan to reside at Floyd Senior Living – sometimes one to two years in advance of admittance.
     Floyd Senior Living stands out as the best in assisted living, and you are invited to call for either a tour of the facilities or an appointment for further information.
     Floyd Senior Living is open 24/7, and is located at 403 C Street. You may contact them at (712) 943-7171, or you may call Brandon Beuzekom at 712-870-2455.