Pioneer Valley Living and Rehabilitation

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     (SB) – Pioneer Valley Living and Rehabilitation (PVLR) located at 400 Sergeant Sq. Drive, in Sergeant Bluff, is the newest, most modern, and best-equipped and staffed short-term/long-term living facility in the Siouxland area. Established just over eight years ago, PVLR centers its services on persons generally 65 years of age and older who are in need of rehab therapy, or are incapacitated and require 24-hour care.
     PVLR has a professional staff of over 60 personnel. Headed by Administrator Tim Nielsen and Directors of Nursing, Registered Nurses Jessica Grause and Jazz Rozeboom, responsible for the daily care, specialized operation. Facility residents in need of care number over 50.
Services include all medical requirements, specialized therapy and restorative therapy – the latter to provide strength maintenance -- physical, occupational, and speech therapy, and full nutritional needs overseen by a certified dietician that administers three prepared meals each day along with snacks. Other services include laundry, house-keeping, and a full-time social director and activities director, transportation, and in-house maintenance personnel.
     Activities of Daily Living (ADL) is an important concept in senior living keeping in mind that the range of residents have different levels of independence. While some residents can currently take care of all of their ADLs, others may need help in order to get by. Staff at Pioneer Valley are attentive to resident needs and condition and intervene when needed to ensure the health and safety of the resident. Often, ADLs are the primary indicator as to whether a resident is classified as independent, needing assistance, in need of memory care.
     The Pioneer Valley nurses are the best qualified parties to assess and help with ADLs. ADLs can be split into two categories: Instrumental Activities of Daily Living and Basic Activities of Daily Living.
     Pioneer Valley Living and Rehabilitation also provides transportation for residents. It also assures quality in-house maintenance personnel to assure proper electrical, heating, air-conditioning and related functions for the comfort, safety and everyday necessities of daily life.
Administrator Nielsen said that medical adherence at PVLR is particularly critical. “We have a Facility Medical Director, Dr. Jason Losee, that administers to each resident. Added to the latter is quality assurance updates. Pioneer Valley also consults with primary care doctors that residents/or family members of resident’s request.
     Nielsen explained that making the transition into long-term care can feel like a drastic change, especially if your loved one is unsure about a new daily schedule. During an average day at PVLR, he said, your loved one receives the necessary help they need to live a healthy, fulfilling life. Each resident receives personalized, individual care so that no day will be exactly the same. However, most days follow a standard schedule.
     At Pioneer Valley Living, support teams work around the clock, and at least one medical professional is on-call at all times. Team members collaborate with each family so that every individual receives personal care suited to their needs. Some residents need more hands-on help, while others are more independent.
     Nielsen explained an average daily setting at PVLR.
     Starting in the mornings, your loved one can wake up whenever they like. Upon waking, the day begins with the help they need.
     If your loved one needs help going to the restroom, getting dressed, or with personal hygiene, a supportive team member is there to help them as soon as they wake up. After getting ready, it’s time for a healthy breakfast.
After breakfast, your loved one can participate in activities. Morning activities can include things like: Exercise classes, board games, crafts, religious study groups, trivia, and Bingo.
     In the afternoon, residents enjoy lunch, connect with their friends, and relax in their favorite spot.
All portions of the day are flexible, but the afternoon is often the most popular time for your loved one to explore the hobbies they enjoy most or spend time with family or friends. When visiting your loved one, you can go for walks or participate in afternoon activities. Public and private areas of Pioneer Valley are handicap-accessible, so residents and visitors with mobility aids can enjoy the full spectrum of community offerings.
     Some residents enjoy an afternoon nap before attending activities. Mental exercise is vital for aging loved ones, so residents are encouraged to participate in card games, puzzles, and interactive activities.
     When evening comes, it is time to wind down. Your loved one will participate in a helpful routine that prepares their mind and body for a restful night of sleep.
     In the evening, dinner is served in the dining room. Since meals rotate every day, your loved one is sure to have many healthy options for dinner. Comfort foods like lasagna and roasts frequently make an appearance along with nutritious fruits, vegetables, and proteins.
After dinner, your loved one will have the option to participate in more social activities, or they may choose to wind down and prepare for bed. If needed, caregivers are available to help your loved one with showering, evening medications, and all other bedtime preparations.
Residents are free to read, fill out crossword puzzles, watch tv, or whatever else they prefer to do before bedtime. A full day of activities, exercise, and socialization fosters better sleep and happier moods.
     There may be regular schedules at PVLR, but there is no such thing as a dull day. Routines help foster a sharp memory, but each daily schedule is flexible.
     Independence is encouraged, and visits are too. You are free to visit your loved one at Pioneer Valley Living whenever you can. You can even add excitement to your day by participating in community activities while you visit.
     For additional information, or to visit, please call 712-943-2350. You’ll be glad you did.