BBB Midwest Plains Launches New Scam Survival Toolkit

Toolkit designed to connect scam survivors with the resources they need to restore their financial and mental well-being


(SBA) - The Better Business Bureau of the Midwest Plains has launched a new online resource aimed at helping people who have been impacted by scams. BBB's Scam Survival Toolkit connects people with the information they need to help restore their financial, mental, and emotional health. The online toolkit was made possible with support from two members of BBB Institute’s Corporate Trust Council: Amazon and Capital One.


“We know the stigma around scam victimization reduces reporting, which increases risk,” said President & CEO Jim Hegarty. “BBB is offering a new Scam Survival Toolkit on our website to help people who are affected by a scam, helping them gain peace of mind and work toward their recovery.”

BBB’s Scam Survival Toolkit, which can be found on the homepage of BBB Scam Tracker, provides tailored guidance and resources based on a person’s specific situation, including steps they should take to stop any further financial impact and guidance for restoring their long-term financial and emotional well-being.

The new online resource was developed with input from a wide range of subject matter experts, from mental health counselors to fraud prevention and cybersecurity professionals.

Recent research published by BBB Institute highlighted the broad impact of experiencing a scam incident. Survey respondents reported losing personal information (37.7%), experiencing financial instability (8.1%), and/or having their credit hurt (6.9%). When asked about the emotional impact of being targeted by a scam, respondents reported feeling anger (69.0%), anxiety/stress (66.7%), loss of trust (58.0%), shame/embarrassment (39.4%), loss of confidence (28.7%), guilt (19.6%), strained relationships (7.5%), and loss of reputation (4.6%).

Users will also be connected to the BBB Scam Prevention Guide to provide them with the knowledge they need to spot future scam attempts. Both online tools are available on BBB Scam Tracker, BBB’s online scam prevention and reporting tool.

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