Woodbury County Emergency Management Announces Disaster Survival Trainings


      (SBA) - Woodbury County Emergency Management is pleased to offer a series of disaster survival trainings to be held across the county.      These free, comprehensive training sessions are designed to equip residents with the knowledge and skills necessary to respond effectively to a variety of emergency situations. “Preparedness is a shared responsibility,” said Michael Montino, Woodbury County Emergency Management Coordinator. “By providing these trainings, we aim to empower our community members to take proactive steps in safeguarding themselves and their loved ones during a disaster.”
     Woodbury County Sheriff Chad Sheehan encourages all members of our community to attend one of these trainings. “Do you want to be an asset or liability to your loved ones in a time of crisis? Being prepared is crucial to being an asset when your family needs you most, “Sheehan said.
Training Schedule and Locations:
•  June 18, 2024: Salix Community Center, 317 Tipton Street, Salix
•  June 25, 2024: Sioux City, The Security Institute, 4647 Stone Ave., Sioux City
•  June 27, 2024: Moville Fire Station, 24 W Main Street, Moville
•  July 2, 2024: Smithland Fire Station, 112 Hickory Street, Smithland
     Each session will run from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. and will include topics such as: Preparedness and prevention, having enough food, water, and shelter supplies on hand, building an emergency kit and more!
     The trainings are open to all Woodbury County residents. Space is limited.