ISU announces spring 2024 Dean’s List


     (SBA) - More than 10,600 Iowa State University students have been recognized for outstanding academic achievement by being named to the spring semester 2024 Dean's List. Students named to the Dean's List must earn a grade point average of at least 3.50 on a 4.00 scale while carrying a minimum of 12 credit hours of graded course work.
Sergeant Bluff, IA
Addison Rose Brown, 3, Marketing
Emma Lynn Christensen, 4, Marketing
Hannah Marie Christensen, 4, Industrial Engineering
Cale Mccormick Clausen, 4, Supply Chain Management
Nathen Michael Curry, 4, Mechanical Engineering
Alexis Grace Fehl, 3, Architecture-Professional Degree
Benjamin Paul Freiberg, 4, Kinesiology and Health
Mia Jo Gamet, 4, Psychology
Samantha Gonzalez-Huerta, 3, Kinesiology and Health
Kayla Louise Hanson, 3, Marketing
Noah Jacob Keokenchanh, 2, Finance
Blake C. Liebe, 4, Mechanical Engineering
Lauren Olivia Lucas, 4, Public Relations
Emily L. Margellos, 4, Marketing
Paige Jean Miller, 4, Elementary Education
Mason Zachary Monney, 4, Management
Daniela K. Rodriguez, 3, Civil Engineering
Beckett Robert Sims, 3, Marketing
Trevor Stoltze, 4, Marketing
Seth David Wiederin, 3, Political Science
Joseph Frederick Zuercher, 4, Mechanical Engineering

Sioux City, IA
Destiny Davidson Adams, 3, Industrial Engineering
Trang Anh Nguyen Bach, 4, Biochemistry
Chloe Noelle Baker, 3, Animal Science
Kayden Savannah Baltz, 3, Psychology
Danika Renee Barnes, 3, Accounting
Patrick Charles Baughman, 3, Environmental Science (LAS)
Cole Allen Bertrand, 3, Chemical Engineering
Margaret Lee Breyfogle, 2, Design Undeclared
Caden Budde, 4, Criminal Justice
Owen Burrack, 4, Animal Ecology
Danielle E. Christiansen, 4, Event Management
Erin Edith Cleary, 4, Materials Engineering
Dawson Michael Cobb, 3, Interior Design
Haley Marie Connot, 2, Public Relations
Gavin N. Cote, 4, Finance
Ryan Crawford, 4, Actuarial Science
O'Neal Boose Daniels, 4, Supply Chain Management
Jonah Michael Deroos, 4, Mechanical Engineering
Lily Grace Deroos, 2, Open Option (LAS)
Andrew Determan, 4, Marketing
Hung Phi Doan, 3, Software Engineering
Ruby Elizabeth Dominick, 3, Community and Regional Planning
Emma Grace Draube, 4, Graphic Design
Kyle James Durst, 3, Agricultural Business
Kameron James Fjeldheim, 3, Mechanical Engineering
Isabelle Jordan Ford, 4, Integrated Studio Arts
London Marie Froehlich, 4, English
Viridiana Garcia, 4, Statistics
Giselle Gonzalez Martinez, 4, Animal Science
Olivia Renae Graves, 3, Psychology
Olivia Rose Greaves, 3, Graphic Design
John Patrick Greer, 4, Civil Engineering
Ellen Johanna Halbur, 3, Biological Systems Engineering
Joseph Dean Hansen, 4, Actuarial Science
Evan Helvig, 4, Management
Trinity Alexis Henjes, 4, Graphic Design
Sydney Ruth-Metha Hull, 3, Veterinary Medicine
Kennedy Clare Jaerger, 4, Marketing
Robert T. Johnson, 3, Kinesiology and Health
Carter Steven Junge, 4, History
Kathryn Lee Kann, 3, Mechanical Engineering
Anthony Paul Kathol, 4, Mechanical Engineering
Robert J. Katseres, 4, Integrated Studio Arts
Asia-Danielle Rilee Keane, 3, Performing Arts
Emma Leigh Kelley, 4, Biology
Kaeden Lee Koch, 3, Pre-Industrial Design
Ivan Zhe Koh, 4, Graphic Design
Sidney Kay Koob, 2, Pre-Architecture
Jordan Renee Krei, 4, Interior Design
Kayla Marie Krohn, 4, Interior Design
Samantha Nicole Kubal, 3, Accounting
Cindy Lara, 4, Psychology
Phi Nhut Le, 4, Apparel, Merchandising, and Design
John Thomas Lewis, 3, Chemistry
Bernard Gabriel Lopez, 4, Mathematics
Anna Ruth Maas, 4, Apparel, Merchandising, and Design
Madison Sue McKeever, 4, Kinesiology and Health
Lily Mercural, 4, Art and Design (Bachelor of Arts)
Christina I. Mihelakakis, 4, Elementary Education
Octavio F. Munoz, 3, Computer Science
Hang Diem Nguyen, 4, Hospitality Management
Hana Maisie Oldroyd, 4, Integrated Studio Arts
Ty Lawrence Oleson, 3, Technical Communication
Truman Gigante Osborn, 4, Public Relations
Carlos Joel Ozuna, 4, Civil Engineering
Luke Christopher Payer, 3, Pre-Athletic Training
Hector A. Perez Prieto, 4, Electrical Engineering
Maslyn Victoria Pick, 4, Elementary Education
Ramon Steven Puente, 4, Finance
Niurka Leticia Ramirez, 3, Elementary Education
Gracie Bernadine Roberts, 4, Architecture-Professional Degree
Brooklynn Christine Roder, 2, Elementary Education
Aden Rose, 4, Chemical Engineering
Samantha Marie Rosenthal, 4, Chemistry
Gabriela Sanchez Mendez, 3, English
Cameron Schweder, 3, Software Engineering
Brett Spencer, 4, Kinesiology and Health
Cooper John Stabile, 4, Finance
Elias Emeterio Vargas, 3, Music
Eric Venesky, 4, Management
Natalie Teresa Verschoor, 4, Elementary Education
Carter Joseph Weiland, 4, Finance
Abigail Elaine Whitsel, 4, Animal Science